Scotland is a fantastic land with a unique history. Maybe that’s why it has given rise to the very special Scottish dog breeds, and we want to talk to you about some of the most prominent. Keep reading and discover its history.

Scottish Terrier

Without a doubt, the Scottish terrier – in the image that heads this article – is one of the most recognizable faces and has the honor of belonging to the group of the first terriers originating in Scotland. Initially, they were used to dig in the ground in search of badgers or other animals.

These Scottish dogs are small in size, but with incredible robustness and musculature. On a body level, it highlights its long snout and strong jaw. They usually have a hard black coat, although there are also tabby or light straw-colored specimens.

Despite its size, the Scottish terrier has a lot of temperament. They may seem distant and independent with strangers, but it has been shown that they are very close and faithful dogs in their inner circle.

Skye terrier

This breed of dog has its origin in the Isle of Skye. Keep a great relationship with the Scottish terrier, although it was not until 1870 when it was concluded that it was two different races.

As you can see, the Skye terrier stands out for its elongated body, which ends in short and muscular limbs. His strong snout and sometimes hanging ears are another sign of identity. It has a long coat consisting of two layers, a harder outer and an inner and softer.

His temper is very similar to that of the Scottish terrier. Its use as a hunting dog makes it a relatively active animal, and it needs to keep busy and take walks regularly. If we take care of him, he can live up to 11 years.

Gordon setter, the most elegant among Scottish dogs

This breed of Scottish dogs belongs to the setter family, which includes the English setter and the Irish setter. Its origin dates back to seventeenth-century Scotland.

These dogs have a dense black coat, accompanied by brown spots on their paws, their snout, and their eyes. They are large animals, with a height of about 60 centimeters and a weight that varies between 25 and 30 kilos.

The Scottish setter is a dog accustomed to hunting, with a great sense of smell and very resistant. It is suitable as a pet, but keep in mind that you need ample spaces and exercise regularly, since it is very active.

Scottish Hound, the fastest among Scottish dogs

Finally, we talk about an animal originating in the Highlands. Its magnificent view and speed made it an ideal breed for deer and deer hunting.

We are facing a somewhat special greyhound since it has a characteristic and wild coat, the inheritance of its adaptation to high mountain climatic conditions.

Highlights his slender body and arched loin. They can measure up to 80 centimeters tall, which gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir size.

They are good pets, as long as they are kept in an optimal physical state. They are not suitable for small homes, as they need a lot of space. But their character is calm and affable, which makes them an ideal companion animal.

There are many other breeds of Scottish dogs, so go ahead and meet them all!

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