The behavior of dogs often arouses curiosity, and some attitudes can be especially strange. For example, when they perceive that a dog or a dog rides another dog of its own sex, many owners wonder if it is possible for dogs to be gay.

Homosexuality in the animal kingdom is a complex issue; We still have a lot to understand about the nature and behavior of the species. However, we next analyze whether dogs can be gay.

Is there homosexuality among animals?

Many decades ago, many scientists tried to answer this question. Logically, to know if animals can be homosexuals, a detailed observation of their behavior has been necessary.

These investigations have allowed and continue to allow, to break down many myths about animal sexuality. For example, the classic evolutionary theories have led us to believe that animals practice sex with the sole purpose of conserving their species.

According to this logic, relationships between same-sex individuals seemed meaningless, since they could never generate offspring. But at present, it is known that not only man has sexual relations for ‘pleasure.’

Many other species of the animal kingdom, such as dolphins, chimpanzees, and even dogs, also practice sex without the reproductive purpose, simply to meet a desire or need of your body.

All this strongly changes the conception that relationships between same-sex individuals would be ‘illogical’ in the animal kingdom. And, in fact, there are many stories about ‘homosexual’ behaviors in different animals; This is the case of Japanese macaques, pandas, and bonobos.

But does that mean there are homosexual animals?

The fact that animals can have sex or be stimulated with same-sex individuals does not mean they are gay. Homosexuality is a concept invented by man to designate human relationships or behaviors.

Animals and their social structures are not governed by the same codes as human society, so comparing our sexuality or imposing our language to explain their nature will always be limiting and ineffective.

So, isn’t it possible for dogs to be gay?

If we ask whether dogs can practice sex or be sexually stimulated with an individual of the same sex, especially if they are in a period of heat, the answer is ‘yes.’ But if we question whether it is possible for dogs to be gay or gay, this is not possible in principle.

The fact that a dog or a dog can freely express its sexual instinct with a dog of the same sex does not mean that it has rejection for the opposite sex or that it prefers to relate to individuals of the same sex. It simply means that your sexuality is not determined or limited by the terms invented by man.

The sexual instinct is an essential part of the canine nature, and each dog can express their sexual desire in different ways. Logically, as owners, we must be aware of the importance of preventing unwanted litters and combating street overpopulation.

In no way does this mean repressing or punishing certain behaviors of our pets for thinking that they are linked to sexual desire. We should only adopt effective reproductive control, such as spaying or neutering.

If dogs can’t be gay, why does my dog ​​ride another dog?

This question is surprisingly common among owners and is related to the lack of knowledge about canine behavior. The fact that one can mount another copy of the same sex does not necessarily have a sexual context.

In puppies, for example, this is a natural behavior that is part of their learning in that very active phase of their life. During their childhood, children must learn to be and behave like dogs, so they ‘rehearse’ many adult behaviors with their siblings.

In adult dogs, the act of riding constantly can be an indication of stress. Your dog needs to stimulate his body and mind daily to channel his energy in a positive way and maintain balanced behavior.

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of mental stimulation can favor the development of behavioral problems. Even riding can occur naturally during a game session.

Finally, a dog can ride another dog, or even objects, to relieve some discomfort in his genitals or urinary system. And this can generate some confusion when we observe it.

Degenerative diseases that generate pain in the hind limbs can also lead to this behavior. Therefore, if your dog tries to ride everything he sees, we recommend you take it to the veterinarian.

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