The year of 2019 has started with more good news for dogs in Spain and their passionate owners. In this case, the news comes from the side of mobility and urban transport in the Spanish capital. And it has been confirmed in recent days that dogs will get on urban buses in Madrid.

The EMT approves that dogs will get on urban buses in Madrid

In its last commission, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) has approved important modifications in the regulation of public transport in the Spanish capital. The most significant change, in the month of February, is regarding the conditions of access with dogs to buses in the capital of Spain.

With these updates, the dogs will board the urban buses of Madrid with their owners and can travel by their own means. This means that they will no longer need to travel locked in carriers or cages. And we don’t mean only the companion or service dogs, but all the companion dogs.

The only ‘detail’ is that the text of the modifications still needs to be approved in the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid (RTCM). But everything indicates that the approval should not generate any problem since there are very successful precedents in Europe.

But … what will change in practice?

According to the old EMT regulations, pets could only travel on public transport inside carriers, bags or cages appropriate for the transport of animals. The only exceptions to this rule were guide or assistance dogs, which accompanied people with visual, motor, or intellectual impairments.

Indirectly, this generated certain limitations, and only small and medium-sized animals ended up traveling frequently. You can imagine that it is quite complex to load a large or giant dog in a carrier through the streets of Madrid when considering its weight and the size of the cage.

Therefore, the entry of pets to transport and public places was not prohibited in Madrid, but the above conditions were ‘self-limiting.’ With the recent modifications, this access will be more viable and ‘democratic’ for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Conditions for traveling with your dog on urban buses in Madrid

Logically, every conquest of rights is accompanied by some responsibilities and duties. The dogs will board the urban buses of Madrid, but their owners will have to meet certain conditions for the well-being and safety of all passengers, whether they are canines or humans.

To travel with your best friend, each owner will need to ask the EMT for a specific authorization card. When entering the bus with your pet, you must carry the card and present it when indicated.

Each dog must have a leash and muzzle throughout the trip, without differentiation of race, age, or sex. The owner will have to sit in the front of the bus, and his pet must travel under the seat he decides to occupy. It is not allowed for dogs to remain in the aisles or for their masters to travel standing with the dog at their side.

Of course, some conditions appeal to common sense and mutual respect. To travel on buses, the dog must have a balanced behavior: it cannot show aggressive or destructive behavior.

What days and at what times will dog get on Madrid buses?

Dogs will board buses in Madrid every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. But, for now, the entrance of dogs in the urban buses of Madrid will only be allowed between 07:30 and 09:00, or between 16:30 and 19:00 during the working days.

Initially, only one animal will be allowed to be transported in each vehicle. The objective is to avoid any conflicting situation between animals and their owners that may also put the safety of other passengers at risk.

Can only dogs travel on their own on buses?

So far, the amendments to the EMT regulations in Madrid only cover dogs. However, their representatives leave the ‘door open’ by stating that this may be the beginning of the change of perspective on the access of other pets to buses in Madrid.

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