This is one of their means of communication, but many times we don’t know very well why dogs bark. In this article, we will tell you the different reasons for barking in canines. It is more than interesting!

Dogs bark, why?

If we have a dog at home, we know that for different reasons, it barks; but sometimes we don’t know the reason well, and either we reprimand him or we get scared. Therefore, it is good to know why dogs bark:

1. For stress

There are different things that stress our pets, which depends on personality, experience, and even race or species. And to put aside the stress, they perform they have certain habits, including barking.

We can not often determine at what time the canine becomes barking from stress, but we can recognize which situations make it more ‘noisy.’ For example, if you have been subjected to harsh living conditions in the past, if you have spent a lot of time isolated or if you are frustrated by something you cannot do, such as crossing a small space, you are more likely to bark.

2. Out of boredom

Many dogs that spend most of the day in solitude get bored … and when that happens, they can commit certain ‘pranks’ such as breaking plants or getting the owner’s clothes out of the closet or barking and howling. The only way to know is if a neighbor informs us or if the bark is heard from afar.

This also happens when the animal is isolated in a patio, garden, or terrace, away from family activities, even when the owners are in the house. To reduce this type of barking, it is recommended to pay attention, offer toys, and play with it when we return home.

3. For overflowing joy

It is not enough to move the tail quickly or to jump high when its owner arrives, they give him his food, or it is time for games. Some dogs bark in these situations to express their joy or enthusiasm about what is happening.

Even when the animal is too stimulated – as can happen during agility tests or the like – it is likely to bark uncontrollably.

4. By external stimuli

The ear of the dog is much more developed than that of humans, something you surely already know. Therefore, it is normal for them to perceive sounds that for us go unnoticed. This does not mean that there is an imminent danger away from home because, in many cases, it is nothing more than a cat, a squirrel, or a bird that passed by.

5. Out of frustration

Of course, pets get frustrated when something doesn’t go their way. And one way to express such frustration is by barking. In what situations do dogs bark at this emotion? For example, when they play with laser lights, when they show the ball but not throw it or when it is ‘behind’ other members of the family during the game.

6. For territorial behaviors

Another reason why dogs bark for no apparent reason has to do with their behavior precisely because they show that they are ‘owners’ of a territory (for example, of the house). If our pet is placed at the door, balcony or gate, and begins to bark, it is likely that he wants to indicate to other animals that ‘there he is the boss’ and thus avoid the passage of any intruder.

7. For health problems

Did you know that dogs that have any disease or disability are more likely to bark at anything? Mainly we refer to those blind or deaf animals who do not understand their surroundings and use barking to defend themselves.

8. By genetics

Finally, we have to talk about the genetic load of many dogs that leads them to bark more than others. Certain breeds, such as the beagle, the cocker spaniel, or the basset hound – hunting – often use barking more than, for example, the Colossians. In addition, small dogs such as the poodle are more barking than large breeds, such as the Golden Retriever.

Now you know many of the reasons why dogs bark. And you understand your beloved pet more!

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